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Punjabi Almuhaidib rice has been providing consumers with the finest rice for over seventy years, Since 1946. Let us take you through our journey

Punjabi Almuhaidib was the first trademarked rice, with its name stamped on the jute bag. This was the beginning of Punjabi Almuhaidib as a brand, and it was known as “Warid Almuahidib” originating from Iraq

Establishment of Aramco

In 1933, Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with CASOC to explore the country for oil. Later on, the company developed further in Saudi, and Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was established.

Punjabi AlMuhaidib established itself as a premium brand, becoming the best-imported rice in the region.

Saudi Railway

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The brand name was changed from “Warid AlMuhaidib” to “Super AlMuhaidib Premium Fragrant Rice.

Saudi TV Channel

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A milestone was reached in distribution; where Punjabi AlMuhaidib became available across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Oil Crisis

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The brand name was changed to “Punjabi AlMuhaidib” and has been ever since. “Imported from India” was also added to the packaging.

King Fahd Expansion

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The packaging was redesigned.

Kuwait’s liberation

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Nutritional information and product information was added to the back of the packaging.

Saudi 1st entry in World Cup

The World Cup was held in the United States of America, and for the first time Saudi’s national football team participated in the historic event. The Saudi football team qualified to enter four consecutive World Cups.

The jute packaging was redesigned and enhanced

Kingdom Tower

Saudi Arabia built its most iconic landmark: The Kingdom Centre Tower in Riyadh. The Tower encompasses a shopping center, a variety of restaurants, an event hall, office spaces, residential suites, and the globally acclaimed Four Seasons hotel.


The Shura council was formed by the direction of HRH King AbdulAziz Al Saudi in the city of Makkah. Under the leadership of HRH King Abdullah Al Saudi, the council was restructured and a minimum of 20% of members must be women. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, women entered the elections.